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Chief John J. Okoro


Chief John J. Okoro, a native of Atani lhechiowa in Arochukwu LGA graduated from the institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu in 1983, with Upper Credit in Business Administration and Management.

Thereafter, he went further to earn a Master Degree in Marketing Management (MBA) from Lagos State University. He is also a Chartered Marketer, and registered with several professional Marketing organizations. His mult~dimensional working experience cuts across the public and private sectors of the Economy. He was the Marketing Manager of Target International ABIATODAYJANU/-\RY 2020 iv _ Finance Ltd., Surulere Lagos.

Thereafter, his career blossomed when he became the General manager of Century Technology Ltd. (Oil and gas), lkoyi, was from this position he answered his people’s call to contest the Executive Chairman otArochukwu LGA in 2003 under the Peoples Democratic party (PDP). He later served the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) in many capacities. He has several titles and awards for his philanthropy.He is presently the Honourable commissioner, Ministry of Special Duties & Joint Projects, Abia State.

Vision: To streamline projects where the State Government collaborates with other Arms Of Government and other Agencies to make sure that those projects where Abia State collaborates, are updated and brought under one template; Local and State Government in collaboration; Federal and State Projects; Diaspora Funded interests where Abia State has interest, we also have the FDl( Foreign Direct Investment) etc. The idea is to bring Projects where Abia State collaborates or had interest with others under one basket, so in terms of standardization and quality we make sure that those things come under one template – in terms of quality; in terms of timeliness, efficiency and in terms of programs. \

On Collaboration: Our Governor has lofty ideas to uplift the living condition of Ndi Abia to a greater height. Some of these ideas can only come to fruition through a well coordinated concerted effort. That’s where my Ministry comes in. We are to help to build the requisite inter-phase and smoothen out the rough edges that may ordinarily lead to friction and stagnation of the joint project. We are the Governor’s eyes and ears in such venture and our duty is to ensure the success of all joint projects involving the Abia State Government. The Secretary to the State Government, Barrister Chris Eze, has been very helpful, giving us the necessary support we need, the Head of Service, Sir Onyi Nwama, the Permanent Secretaries in those agencies have been very cooperative with our new ministry and my brother and sister commissioners, they’ve been very helpful, the consultations we are having with them have been very fruitful. We have the same goals and objectives to deliver to Ndi Abia. We don’t envisage any obstacle as we go supervising those projects

ON OVERLAPPING 0F FUNCTIONS: I want to say that yes, there must be overlap of functions, because it is a new ministry. To say otherwise, is not to be honest to myself. But what l said is that to overcome or solve this problem of overlapping, we embarked on deep consultations, with other Ministries, Commissioners, Heads of Agencies, in line with our mandate as specified by the Governor through the office of the Secretary to the State Government. This has fostered genuine understanding and co-operation. The response is very positive and encouraging, from my colleague Commissioners and there’s no doubt that the government’s mandate will be achieved with their collaboration, their corporation, and with the desire to achieve.

MESSAGE TO ABIANS: This Governor is working on a very serious note to make sure that he leaves Abia better than he met it. I see a reduction in poverty to the barest minimum in Abia. I’m aware that someone is working tirelessly day and night to create employment for Ndi Abia. Somebody is kneeling to God and working very hard to make sure that Abia is the safest state in the country. That person is none other than Dr Okezie lkpeazu. My message is that we all should co-operate with the government and let us continue to pray for this government.

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